Understanding ‘Vata-The Nerve Force of Body’

Understanding ‘Vata-The Nerve Force of Body’ (Ethereal + Air Component of Body): The air that we take in help us survive and provides us the Life Force Energy. It has the property of Vibration. It controls and correlates the functions of the body. It maintains the equilibrium between Pitta & Kapha. The Pitta & Kapha are inert. Also, the Malas-Body Wastes and Dhatus-Body Tissues are inert, and would go wherever the Vayu takes them. ‘Vayu-The Nerve Force of Body’ includes any and all kinds of Electro-Motor or Molecular Force.  It performs the sensory and motor functions like smelling.

Classification of ‘Vata-The Nerve Force of Body’: It’s classified to have five forms as per the function they perform, such as:

  • Prana Vayu: The part of breath relates to the sensory experience (Sensory Nerves). It affects Inhalation, Sense Organs, Thought Process, Desires, Choices we make, Impressions, Intelligence, Sense organs (Swallowing of Food [Involves Brain/Brain Stem] and more… It resides in Head & Heart and could also be understood as: An electricity that would set a being into motion, Vitality, Life… Prana Vayu controls Physiological Functions of the body. In Pacifying the Vitiated Cases, Breathing Exercises (Pranayama) & Meditation would play a big role;
  • Vyana Vayu: It resides in Heart & regulates Cardiovascular System of the body. It is thus involved with circulating-transporting Blood-Oxygen-Nutrients [The Rasa Dhatu] throughout the body & is responsible for smooth flow of Prana across the body. Vyana Vayu thus assists in ‘Walking & movement of Body Parts [Bones-Nerve functions]. Yet another role it plays in the body would be sending Outward Signals from CNS [Central Nervous System] towards a Muscle-organ…;
  • Samana Vayu: It is located near the region of Digestive Fire (Stomach & Small Intestine). It holds food in Alimentary Canal, Assimilates/Absorbs Nutrients from Food and thus also has an important role in Excretory System (Expelling AMA from Body) of the Body. If Vitiated would give disorders such as Indigestion, Malabsorption, Constipation, Bloating, Diarrhoea, Anorexia, Dyspnoea [Shortness of Breath], Abdominal Tumours and so on… Pranayama ‘Kapal Bhati’ could play a huge role in Pacifying Vitiated Samana Vayu;
  • Udana Vayu: It is primarily responsible for the upward and outward movement of Vata-Vayu-Nerve force. It is predominantly situated in Head & Chest [Vishudhi & Ajna Chakra] & is associated with Breath Exhalation, Speech/Energy output & outward expression of our Thoughts/memories. It supplies Vayu to above neck region & is responsible for Body Strength, Effort, Enthusiasm, Body Lustre, Mental Strength and so on… Vitiation would straight away affect ‘The Respiratory System (& More)’;
  • Apana Vayu: Predominantly resides in Naval Region (Kidneys, Bladder, Colon, Rectum, Genitals…) & regulates downward movement of Vayu (Such as Expelling AMA, Body Excreta, Urination, Ejaculation-Expelling of Semen, Menstrual Cycles and/or even the delivery of a baby… Vitiation would affect The Excretory & Reproductive System (Low Libido).

Location of ‘Vata-The Nerve Force of Body’: In our body, Vata is prominent in the Large Intestine, Colon, Urinary Tract, Waist, Thighs, Ears, Legs, Bones (Our Bones are Porous), Brain, Kidneys, Urinary Bladder, Pancreas and Our Skin. People who completely stop intake of oil/ghee due cholesterol are doing it completely wrong. Oil/ghee are required by our body to keep ‘Vata’ in balance, just instead of refined oils we have to go in for Raw/Filtered Sesame (Black Til) oil or Raw/Filtered Mustard Oil; and Instead of Buffalo Ghee, go in for Desi Cow Ghee.

Disorders-Symptoms of ‘Vata-The Nerve Force of Body’: ‘Vata’ imbalance will cause scores of diseases such as Cracking In Soles, Pain/Stiffness in Foot (and other leg regions), Asthma, Spinal Pain/S, Stiffness/Cramps In Thighs, Prolapse of Rectum, Pain/Twitching in Reproductive Organs, Pain while Excretion of Faeces, Dwarfism, Cardiac Dysfunction (Heart Blockages is due Deposition of Vitiated Kapha, Heart Ache is due Vitiated Prana Vayu), Hoarseness of Voice, Pain in Jaw, Cracking of Lips, Dumbness, Stammering, Speak a lot & frequently change topics during conversation, Bad Breath, Dryness of Mouth, Ear-Ache, Deafness, Pain in Eyes, Vision Problems, Squint, Twisting of Eyebrows, Headache, Cracking of Scalp, Facial Paralysis, Paralysis in Other Parts of the Body, Fatigue, Tremors, Yawning, Hiccup, Confusion of Mind, Restless Mind, Nervousness, Insomnia, and so on.

General Remedies of ‘Vata-The Nerve force of Body’ Disorders: General Cures for ‘Vata’ disorders are intake of Sweet (Preferably, not cold), Sour, Salty (Both these tastes are hot and have some moisture, which has a pacifying effect on Vata) and Oily stuff. Nasya and Aroma therapy are also useful. Intake of pure, unprocessed & filtered oil/s and external application of oil/massage are good. Pulses water, cooked in open utensils is also very good. ‘Enema (Non-Dry Medium)’ is best. Some more useful stuff would be Fruit Juices, Sugarcane Juice, Butter-Milk etc. Avoid Dry Fruits or else at least soak them in water overnight. Bitter Taste would come handy in Vata Depleted cases (specially caused due Kapha aggravation).

Few Yogasanas for Pacifying Vata Dosha: Tadasana, Virbhadrasana, Dhanurasana, Bhujangasana, Uttanasana, Paschimottanasana…

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