Understanding Sinusitis – The Theory
Sinusitis Meaning

Understanding Sinusitis – The Theory

Microbes that will cause respiratory or any other problem in the body will enter the system through our Respiratory tract only (Leaving apart injectables, or animal bite or sting etc.). We are inflicted by any disease, only when our immune system weakens. Thus, if our Respiratory System is strong, we can easily keep many problems at bay including Sinusitis.

Sinusitis Meaning: Inflammation of air-filled spaces (Called Sinuses) in the bones of our body (Skull-Facial Bones) is Sinusitis. Severe Inflammation in these spaces prevents (or may prevent) proper drainage of mucus, and may also lead to infection. The Forehead Sinuses are called Frontal Sinuses, Inside Cheekbones are called Maxillary Sinuses & Ones at Rear end of Nose are Ethmoid & Sphenoid Sinuses. Sinuses over long periods (Say 4-6 Months) could be Termed Chronic. This is accompanied by Tissue Overgrowth of Sinuses & May even Block Airways.

Sinusitis Symptoms:  Nasal Congestion/Pressure, Pus like Nasal Discharge (In case bacterial infection has developed – Yellow Discharge), Teeth Pain, Ear Pain, Forehead Aching, Congestion, Sore Throat, Fatigue etc.

The dark spots that you see in the picture are Inflames Sinuses with Accumulated Mucous not able to drain out.

Causes of Sinusitis: Inflammation of Sinuses Tissue Linings could be caused by Viral-Bacterial-Other Pathogenic Infections, Allergies due Allergens, Intake of Toxins-Chemical Laden Foods by way of So Called Modern Eating Habits, Polluted Air (Including Excess Smoking-Especially with Water!!), Polluted Water, Emotional Downfall, Intake of Too Hot-Too Cold Foods etc.

Ayurvedically: Sinusitis involves Vitiation of all Three Doshas. Most (If not all) would involve in-optimum Digestive Fire (Jathar-Agni in the state of Mandagni). Kapha (Phlegm) is Vitiated – irritated Mucous Lining (Whose job is to Protect, Lubricate & Cleanse). Vata is Vitiated (Prana Vata Regulated by Lungs & Sinuses is Obstructed). Pitta is Vitiated (Pachak Pitta in the State of Mandagni-Poor Digestive Fire).

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