Understanding ‘Pitta (Agni)-The Body Metabolism’

Understanding ‘Pitta (Agni)-The Body Metabolism’:
Pitta (Pittam, in Sanskrit) means Body Heat-Digestive Fire (Metabolic Activities of Body Tissues), Bile (Outcome of Metabolic Activity of Liver) and so on… Circulation of Blood is connected with good Pitta, which would then give rise to good rasa Dhatu which then would be carried all over by Vyana Vayu. A well balanced Pitta in the body implies good digestive power & gives intellect, good vision, body lustre, clarity of mind etc. The aggravating Tastes are Sour, Salt & Pungent and other aggravating factors would be Stress, Worry, Fear etc.

Classification of ‘Pitta (Agni)-The Body Metabolism’:

  • Pachaka: Digestive Fire, Jatharagni which exists in Stomach, Small Intestine, Liver… Food gets partially digested in stomach (chime), passes to small intestine via duodenum, where pancreatic juices and bile do their job. In Small Intestine Lymph & fatty matter (Chyle) is produced and eventually finds way to the Lymphatic Duct or Thoracic Duct. This Pitta nourishes the other four Pittas,
  • Ranjaka: Present in Stomach, Liver & Spleen. Synthesises Blood (Raqta) and gives it the Red Colour,
  • Sadhaka: Resides in Heart & Cerebral of the Brain. Provides Mental Strength, Intelligence…,
  • Alochaka: Resides in Eyes (Metabolic Processes of the eyes), and governs vision, and
  • Bhrajaka: Resides in Skin, as pigmentation.

Location of ‘Pitta (Agni)-The Body Metabolism: In our body, ‘Pitta’ is predominantly present in the ‘Umbilical Region (Nabhi), Stomach, Small Intestine, Liver, Spleen, Pancreas, Gall Bladder, Kidneys, Uterus, Plasma, Lymph vessels, Blood, Heart, Eyes, Skin, Sweat…

Imbalance-Derangement-Vitiating Causes for ‘Pitta (Agni)-The Body Metabolism’:
Pitta Vitiation causes scores of disorders such as Inflammation, Hyper-Acidity, Fever, Over-Perspiration, Patches/Thickening of Skin, Haemorrhage, Blood Discharge-Menorrhagia, Herpes, Jaundice, Bad Breath, Excessive Thirst, Yellow Coloured Skin-Urine-Under eyes, Reduced production of semen etc.
Redness of the body should generally not be understood as Pitta aggravation, this is reaction of the body in response to Vata aggravation. Pitta vitiation would give colouration to the body, other than red (Yellow, many a times)!

Remedies for Vitiated ‘Pitta (Agni)-The Body Metabolism’:

Consume more of Cooling tastes such as Sweet (Earth + Water), Bitter (Ether + Air) and Astringent (Air + Earth). Purgation, Massage (Mild) & Lukewarm Water Bath are also good. Intake of things with cooling Potency such as Fresh Fruits or Juices (No Preservatives added), Rice-Rice Water, Dry Fruits (Dipped in water overnight), Cucumber, Coconut water, Coconut Oil, Rose Water, A2 Ghee added to a cup of Boiling Hot Water, Liquorice Decoction, Milk (After Dinner), Butter-Milk (With Lunch) and so on… Try to stay away from worries, and live life leisurely (as much as possible).
If one has excess Pitta in the mouth & tends to argue a lot, every time he/she should hold the gulp of water in moth for 2-3 minutes before swallowing.

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