Understanding Kapha–The Lymph Chyle (Water Component)

Understanding Kapha–The Lymph Chyle (Water Component):
The circulation of the Lymph Chyle (Rasa) is related to Kapha (Shleshma). Kapha or Shleshma is the portion of Rasa which fills all the Intercellular Spaces of the body, keeps them together, and keeps them at the temperature that our body should be. A well balanced Kapha in the body will give strength, firmness, potency, absence of greed, care etc. The aggravating taste is Sweet.

Location/s of Kapha–The Lymph Chyle (Water Component):
Kapha is Prominent
in Plasma, Fat, Head Region, Neck-Nose-Tongue, Chest (Lungs, Pericardium, Triple warmer), Pancreas, Stomach & Small Intestine, Urinary bladder, Testis, Waist, Bony Joints…

Classification (as per predominant location in the body) of Kapha–The Lymph Chyle (Water Component):

  • Avalambaka Shleshma: Chest/Thorax & Cervical Region. Provides flexibility to the body and strength to other parts of the body;
  • Kledaka: Resides in Stomach & Upper Small Intestine. Liquefies the food, aids in digestion & movement of food;
  • Bodhaka: Taste (Tongue-Taste Buds) & Protection (In the form of glands like Tonsils);
  • Tarpaka: Resides in head region & Nourishes our Sensory Organs and
  • Sleshaka: Resides in Bones/Joints (Synovial Fluid, Lubrication of Joints).

Kapha and Pitta combined, perform the Sustenance functioning of the Body. These affect the material composition of the body and determine it’s mass. Thus, it is the balance of the process of assimilation and the waste formation.

Symptoms-Disorders of Kapha–The Lymph Chyle (Water Component):
Scores of diseases like Heaviness (Indigestion-Salivation-White coating on tongue-Nausea), Laziness-Excessive Weakness,, Obesity, Cough & Cold (Kaphaja)-Asthma-Dyspnoea, Congestion-Mucous formation in Intestines/Tongue-Whiteness in Excreta,, Water Retention-Oedema, Non-Slipperiness, Not Inclined to Solve Problems, Salivation, Impure Blood due increased Cholesterol, Very Low Immunity, Tumours-Cysts-Fibroids etc.

Causes for Vitiated Kapha–The Lymph Chyle (Water Component): Heavy foods (especially late night), Oily (especially Refined-Double Refined oils & using Buffalo ghee & more…), Excess of Sweet 7 Cold Stuff (Ice creams, Soft Drinks, Heavy white sugar laden fruit juices…), Sedentary Lifestyle, Getting up late in the Morning (Hours after Sunrise)…

General Remedies for Kapha–The Lymph Chyle (Water Component):
Consume more of Pungent, Bitter and Astringent Tastes. The ‘Ether’, ‘Air’, and ‘Fire’ component will take care of the excess ‘Water’, and ‘Earth’ component in the body! Thus, Kapha may be managed by Hot, Dry and Light things. Healthy cooking oil (Filtered-Non-Refined Mustard and/or Black Sesame Oil and A2 ghee etc. are must to dissolve the dirty Kapha in the Body)…

Other beneficial things are Fomentation, Kapal Bhati, Appropriate Yogasanas (Cycling or Paschimottanasana), Honey + Lemon, Kunjal Kriya (Induced Vomiting, Emesis).

An Interesting Point: Diabetes is a condition related to water metabolism of the body and Kapha causes this condition. Hence, medicines like Gudmar (especially useful for diabetic condition) which pacifies Vata & Kapha, and mildly increase Pitta is really good for controlling/curing Diabetes.
Bad vision is also a Kapha problem (mostly). Eyes are Agneya, a Pitta region, and increase of Kapha, diminishes the Tejas in the eyes (Blurred vision, more of secretions from the eyes) and hence the blurred vision. Hence, Shilajit, which pacifies Vata & Kapha and add to Pitta is a great medicine for eyes (and for many more conditions). If getting or feeling ‘Yuck’ is not too much of an issue with yourselves, Gaudhan Ark should work wonders on most (if not all) Vata-Kapha related disorders.

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