‘Visarga-Increasing Southern Declination’ Period

During ‘Visarga-Increasing Southern Declination’ Period (दक्षिणायन सूर्य), The Sun is in its Increasing Southern Declination, and the temperatures in the Northern hemisphere keeps decreasing along this duration. The Period comprises of the following three seasons:

  • ‘Rainy Season (Varsha, July – Sept)’:

Precautions similar to Spring Season may be adopted. The Digestive Fire, already weakened by the preceding summers, gets further weakened leading to vitiation of Doshas. The Doshas get vitiated by heavy moisture laden clouds, sudden cold winds, dirty rains, warm Earth and Sourness.
Thus, person should be subjected to ‘Vamana (Vomiting)’, ‘Virechana (purgation)’, and ‘Decoction Enema Therapy’. Old grains of food should be used, soup of pulses, wine, butter milk processed with Trikatu (or Black Cumin Seeds and/or Black Seeds-Kalaunji) etc., water should be boiled before use. On days of heavy clouds, food should be sour, salty, dry, Oily/Fatty, mixed with honey, and easily digestible.
Sleeping in daytime and exertion should be avoided.
One should avoid Green-Leafy vegetables, as they have lot of water component in them, and due rains the atmosphere is already too humid.
‘Pitta’ is accumulated. ‘Vata’ is vitiated.

  • During ‘Autumn (Sharad, Sept – Nov)’:

The Increased Sun Rays, after Rainy Season, lead to aggravation of ‘Pitta’, which had been accumulating in the body. As such, Bitter, Sweet, Astringent, Light, Cold, Easily Digestible and ‘Pitta’ Pacifying Food should be taken. Preferred eatables could be Barley, Rice, Wheat, Medicated-Pungent Ghee, Green Gram, Potato, Honey are recommended. Herbs such as Amalaki, Holy Basil, Neem and so on… could be useful. Avoid fatty, oily and other heavy stuff.
In this time, the water exposed to Moon Rays is nectar. One should spend time in the moonlight (Always go for a Stroll after Dinner).
Consumption of alkaline stuff, exposure to snow, heavy meal, curd, oils, muscle fats, exposure to sunlight, strong liquors, sleeping in day time should be avoided.
‘Pitta’ is vitiated.

  • During ‘Fall Winter month/s (Hemant, Nov – Jan)’:

The Digestive Fire, on contact with the outside cold, tends to ‘be inside’, or ‘move inside’, more so for strong persons. Now, this strong digestion, though capable of digesting even heavy stuff, is slow and gradual. Good diet (warm) is important, lest the body ‘Rasa’ starts getting consumed, which results in ‘Vata’, getting aggravated (Muscle spasms, Cough/Cold etc.). Important to consume Unctuous, a Bit Pungent and Sweet stuff.
Cook your meals in Unprocessed mustard or Black Sesame Oil & consume more of Dairy-Milk Products, A2-Desi Cow Ghee, White Butter, Sugar Cane Juice (Till Upto few hours before Sunset),  New Rice, and preferably consume warm-hot water only. Body massage (Black Sesame Oil and/or Mustard Oil) is also a good habit to follow on regular basis.
In Fall Winters and Winters, to Balance Kapha, we should follow anything that we eat by eating Gur-Visit Health-Beauty Products Page, which stimulates Enzymatic-Metabolic Secretions and helps digest even heavy foods. The original Gur is Dark Brown (Almost Black) coloured.
‘Pitta’ is pacified. ‘Kapha’ is accumulated. ‘Vata’ is vitiated.

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