The Power Nap & Shower after Meals
Go For The Afternoon Sleep or The Power Nap – It is Healthy

The Power Nap & Shower after Meals

The Power Nap & Shower after Meals: Well, One is a good habit while the other one really bad!

Firstly, The Power Nap – Have a 20-25 minutes short nap after Lunch, obviously if it is practicable to do so.

After we have our food, the Jatharagni (Our Digestive Fire) gets activated, blood from other parts of the body is sent towards stomach and hence the blood pressure of the body gets a bit aggravated and hence you feel lazy/sleepy. Take a nap, but this nap should not be more than 30-40 minutes, lest you derange your night sleep (The Circadian Rhythm). While taking rest, always lie towards your left side, keeping your right hand on the upside. This posture leads to automatic activation of our ‘Surya Nadi (The Right Nostril passage)’, which helps in food digestion.

Now The Other Habit – Shower after Meals: As we take shower, the Body Pitta goes inside the body, as such The Pitta in the Body Increases. Thus, if we take shower after meals, due increased Pitta, the food would not get its normal duration of Digestion Process, and Hence an Upset Stomach and bad Health.

I have actually personally seen this, that people who have had been having shower after meals, always have bad stomach.

This habit is specifically bad for cases of Gastritis, Acidity… Other Vitiated Pitta Cases.

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