The Alkaline (Kshariye) Taste-Property

One Peculiar Property of a substance, “The Alkaline Taste-Property”:
These are used during or for surgeries. Caustics and their substitutes are used, as they have the capacity to pacify/alleviate all the three Doshas. These are digestive in actions and help to cure the injured/damages body cells. These act as cauterising agents (Burn the skin/wounds, such that to stop the bleeding and prevent the spread of infection). This treatment is especially useful for kids, aged, debilitated who are scared to go under knife!

The Alkaline (Kshariye) substances are Pungent (Taste), Hot (In Potency) and Sharp (Sukshma). The alkaline agents, thus, liquefy the granular formation in the body tissues. Kshariye substances are actually concentrated/strong salts, made out of herbs or derived from minerals (Such as Baking Soda).

When applied on wounds, it has Cleaning, Healing & Absorbent action. Alkaline Substances work as an Anti-Septic and have scraping properties (which is what we want, to remove/clean the dead cells/skin). It works as an incision, excision and scraping agent.

While taken parentally (Other than the digestive tract, say, intravenous or intramuscular injection), it has krimighna action (Destroyer of worms) on AMA Dosha/s, Kapha complications, Skin Ailments (Toxins/Infections), and kills obesity. But yes, don’t get excited and start consuming indiscriminately, use over long periods or in excess will affect your Libido-Sexual Potency!

While applying at the ulcerated/wounded regions, we need to exercise control, or the region would get burnt away, and black spots may result due caustic burns. The alkali-based medicines (say, caustic soda, used as medicine) are mixed with substances like honey and ghee.
Though this treatment may only be given, after some relief has already been gotten, and the discharges have ceased.
These can be applied Externally (Pratisaraniya), and/or Internally (Panya).

Examples: Some alkaline herbs/minerals would be:
Palasa (Brahmavrksha), Apamarga, Baking Soda, Limestone (Chuna), Pearls, Conch Shell, Salts…; Excreta of Cock, Peacock…

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