Seasons, Tastes and Doshas

Seasons Respected Months Preferred Tastes to Consume
Hemant, Shishir & Varsha Mid-Nov to Mid-Jan, Mid-Jan to Mid-March & Mid-July to Mid-Sept Sweet, Sour & Salt.
Vasanta Mid-March to Mid-May Bitter, Pungent & Astringent
Grishma Mid-May to Mid-July Sweet
Sharad Mid-Sept to Mid-Nov Sweet, Bitter & Astringent
Sharad & Vasant Mid-Sept to Mid-Nov & Mid-March to Mid-May Dry and Light Foods & Drinks
Grishma, End of Varsha & Beginning of Sharad Mid-May to Mid-July & September Sweet & Cold Stuff
All other Seasons Warm & Hot foods & Drinks-Water

Seasons & Accumulation, Aggravation and Pacification of Doshas (North India Perspective):

Dosha Accumulation Aggravation   Pacification/Normalcy
Vata Grishma (Mid May–July) Varsha (Mid July-Sept) Sharad (Mid Sept-Nov)
Pitta Varsha (Mid July-Sept) Sharad (Mid Sept-Nov) Hemant (Mid Nov-Jan)
Kapha  Shishir  (Mid Jan – Mar) Vasanta (Mid Mar-May) Grishma (Mid May–July)

The Seasons, Grishma (May-July), Varsha (July-Sept) & Hemant (Nov-Jan) have too much Heat, Rain & Cold. The time periods between them, which is known as the normal time, or the Sadharana Kala, the Doshas may, should be, cleared-expelled out from the system.

Seasons and Your Married Life: During Hemant & Shishir) (Winters-Mid Nov-Mid March), a person may do it even more than optimum! With proper use of Aphrodisiacs, once in 3 days, in Vasanta (Spring-Mid March-Mid May) & Sharad (Autumn-Mid Sept.-Mid Nov.) & once in a fortnight, in Varsha (Rainy) (Mid July-Sept) and Grishma (Summers) (Mid May–July).
Good memory, Intelligence, Long Life, Health, Nourishment, Optimum functioning of the sense organs, strength, slow ageing, is gained from Disciplined Making of Love.
Giddiness, Exhaustion, weakness in the legs, Depletion of Tissues, Loss of optimum functioning of the Senses, Premature Death and much more occurs from Overindulgence.

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