Making Vedic Cow’s Ghee–‘The Vedic Way’, Making & Uses of Panchgavya

Steps involved in Making A2-Organic-Vedic-Indian Cow Ghee – ‘The Vedic Way’:

  1. Milk the Cows, using Hands only (Anyway Indian (Desi) Organic Cows never let any machine/s be used on them and have to be Milked Manually-By Hand only),
  2. Collect the Milk in a Utensil (A Large Clay Utensil would be the Best),
  3. Put the Milk Utensil on the slow fire,
  4. Let it be for few hours,
  5. As the Milk gets reddish, shut off the fire, let the milk cool,
  6. Add curd-sour to the above cooled milk,
  7. Let it be overnight,
  8. The Stuff changes to Curd,
  9. Churn the curd (Machine may be used) such as to separate the Butter,
  10. Collect the Butter,
  11. Warm it,
  12. Your Vedic Ghee is Ready.

 What is Panchgavya & Procedure for making it (Let us say Kgs):

Panchgavya is simply a Mixture of Pure Organic Cow’s Dung, Urine, Milk, Curd & Ghee. It is Astringent & Bitter. It is Light, Dry & has Cooling Potency, Vipaka is Pungent. It Balances all The Three Doshas ‘Vata’, ‘Pitta’ & ‘Kapha’ (With Most Beneficial Impact on Pitta-Kapha Pacification. Just for curiosity sake, Most (if Not All) Ayurvedic Scriptures talk about Huge Health (Humans, Animals & Agriculture!) such as…

  1. improves the Life Force, Emotional Turmoil, Mental-Spiritual Strength, Nervous System-Auto-Immune Disorders (Cognition Power, Convulsions, Epilepsy, Psychosis…),
  2. Panchgavya, as per Ayurveda has been reported to be the only viable alternative to Mothers Milk (in case the mother doesn’t have enough lactation). Panchgavya may also be given as first thing to the new born (Prathama Bhakshya),
  3. Detoxifies Body-Cleanses Channels,
  4. Beneficial for Most (if Not All!) Human Processes (Hormonal, Digestive, Metabolic-Abdominal, Respiratory, Reproductory…),
  5. Foliar Application (Applying directly to the Foliage–Leaves of Crops) of Panchgavya:
  • 1 Litre of Prepared Panchgavya (See Below) to be added to 30 Litres of Water,
  • Mix this mixture thoroughly & then filter it,
  • Use a Spray Gun to spray it to The Farm.

Making Panchgavya:

  1. What we Require:
  • Cow Dung: 5 Kgs,
  • Cow Urine: 2 Ltrs              (Contains Gold Hydroxide!),
  • Cow Milk: 2 Ltrs,
  • Cow Curd: 2 Ltrs,
  • Cow Ghee: 5 Kgs.
  1. Now The Procedure:
  • Mix Cow Dung & Cow Ghee in a Clay Pot & Keep it aside for 4-5 Days,
  • Mix the above mixture 2-3 Times a Day,
  • Keep the above Utensil (The Clay Pot) covered with a cotton cloth,
  • When ‘The Above is Ready-At the end of 4 days’ Mix Cow Curd, Milk & Urine all to the above utensil One-by-One,
  • Firstly Curd should be added to the original mixture (Dung & Ghee), Mix it up properly,
  • Secondly Milk should be added to the original mixture (Dung & Ghee), Mix it up properly,
  • Finally Urine should be added to the original mixture (Dung & Ghee), Mix it up properly,
  • The Final Product would still take few more days! Keep the mixture as obtained in above step aside for 15-17 days (Covered with a Cotton Cloth),
  • Manually mix up the above mixture at least twice daily,
  • Panchgavya is one of the best organic fertiliser as is enriched with beneficial microbes,
  • The above prepared mixture may easily be stored & used for a period of 6-8 months.
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