Gaumutra Harad Churna, Gaumutrasav, Gaumutra Punarnavadi Ark & Naari Sanjeevani

Few of the Desi-Indian-Vedic Cow’s Products Derived Health Supplements:

  1. Gaumutra Harde Churna (V-K- P+):

Ingredients: ‘Small Harde’,  ‘Ajwain’ , ‘Black Pepper’, ‘Yavakshara’, ‘Black Salt’, ‘Rock Salt’ , ‘Cumin’, ‘Cow’s Urine’ , ‘Asafoetida’, ‘Cow Ghee and so on…

Medicinal uses:     Improves Digestive System, Improves condition of Anorexia, Constipation, Gastric and Other Stomach Related Problems, Spleen related issues, Carminative, Distension (abdominal gas causing outward pressure on the abdomen). Destroys Toxins Generated In Body Due Intoxicated Food.

Dosage: 1-3 Grams after Food – Morning and Evening with Lukewarm Water.

  1. Gaumutrasav:

Ingredients: ‘Chitrak Root’, ‘Saunth’, ‘Long Pepper’, ‘Maricha’, ‘Gaumutra’, ‘Honey’ Or ‘Gur’, ‘Cow Ghee’ and few more… The Older The Better.

Medicinal uses:     Digestive System, Liver Strength, Stomach Related Problems, Especially Useful in Asthma and Leprosy, Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism.

Dosage: 1/4th of Cup after Food Twice a Day with Lukewarm Water (Preferably Morning and Evening).

  1. Gaumutra Punarnavadi Ark:

Ingredients: ‘Punarnava’, ‘Gokshura Root’, ‘Sariva Root’, ‘Neem Leaves’, ‘Guduchi’, ‘Daruhaldi’, ‘Durba’, ‘Gaumutra’, and few more…

Medicinal uses: Very Useful In Liver and Kidney Related Problems (including cirrhosis). Diuretic, Removes Body Inflammation. Fully Beneficial When Taken With Punarnavadi Vati.

Dosage: To take 10-15-20 mL Each Morning, empty stomach And Evening, after Dinner (Appropriate amount of water added).

Go for the Tablet version, if you are OK with that. 2 Tabs morning and Evening Each. 

  1. Nari Sanjeevani (A Nectar for females):

Ingredients: ‘Shatavari’, ‘Ashvagandha’, ‘Ashoka’, ‘Cow’s Urine’, ‘Jaggery’, ‘Lemon Ras’, and few more…    

Medicinal uses: Beneficial in Mensuration Related Disorders, Leucorrhoea (White Discharge), Blood Impurities, Back-Ache, Palpitation, Irritation, Abdominal Related Ailments, Excess Anger, Weakness etc.…

Dosage:  This is just a body tonic, dosage could be as mentioned on the package by manufacturers, always commencing from the minimal dosage.

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