Six Tastes & Their Effects on Doshas & Body Organs

Tastes & Their Effects on Doshas & Body Organs are being covered in this Post Stepwise:

  1. VATA: Most Pacified (In Decreasing Order) by Salty Taste, then Sour and Sweet.
    Most Aggravated by Bitter Taste (Increases more Long term), then Astringent (Increases more immediately) and Pungent.
    Sour or Pungent taken with Sweet Taste is best for Vata.
  1. PITTA: Most Pacified by Bitter Taste, then Astringent and Sweet.
    Most Aggravated by Sour Taste (Immediate Relief, Long Term Accumulative), then Pungent and Salty (Immediate Relief, Long Term Accumulative).
  1. KAPHA: Most Pacified by Pungent Taste, then Bitter and Astringent.
    Most Aggravated by Sweet Taste, then Salty and Sour. Though, as far as temporary action is concerned, Salty Tastes Decongest and Liquefy Kapha, and also help in its expelling out of the body. The Sweet Herb such as Licourise does the same work of Liquefying the Dirty Kapha & Expelling it out of the System.

    On the Similar Lines:

  1. Heating Effect: Most Heating is Pungent, then Sour (Earth + Fire, Increases Plasma), and Salty.
  2. Cooling Effect: Most Cooling is Bitter, then Astringent and Sweet.

Let me state few interesting points here: Sweet taste is most nourishing and is digested first. Astringent taste is least nourishing and is digested in the end. I personally am with the school of thought, that sweet taste should be had in the beginning of the meals, and not in the end. As, if we eat sweet taste at the end of the meals, it will be digested first, and there are chances of undigested food remaining/passing out in the system.

The Tastes and The Corresponding Body Organs Affected:

The Tastes              Corresponding Body Organs Affected
Sweet                      Spleen/Pancreas
Sour                        Liver
Salty                       Kidneys
Pungent                  Lungs
Bitter                      Heart
Astringent               Colon

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