Breathing Through Mouth, or Breathing Through Nose
Breathing Theough Nose Only

Breathing Through Mouth, or Breathing Through Nose

Microbes that will cause respiratory or any other problem in the body will enter the system through our Respiratory tract only (Leaving apart injectables, or animal bite or sting etc.). We are inflicted by any disease, only when our immune system weakens. Thus, if our Respiratory System is strong, we can easily keep many problems at bay. For this Breathing Through Nose only, and Never Breathing Through Mouth is utmost essential.

Other important thing to mention here is that I have personally seen many kids/people breathing through mouth, even though they don’t have any problem which restricts them breathing through their nose. I will now try my best to enforce the habit of nostril breathing, providing all the reasoning I can:

Few Reasons for never Breathing Through Mouth, but Only Through Nose:

  • Nostrils have hair, filtering air, as we breathe in,
  • This is followed by ‘Mucus’ where the allergens or microbes stick on and are destroyed by the bio-chemicals present in the airways,
  • The air then passes through adenoids, which are glands located at the roof of mouth, a spot just behind the soft palate, a point of connection of nose to throat, behind the soft palate where the nose connects to the throat. This acts as one more filter before the air enters the lungs.                                         Beware, of the rampant practice of Adenoid Removal (& Tonsillitis). Go ahead, detoxify the system, and some Anulom Velom and few more things, which I have written further under The Category ‘Respiratory System Disorders’, and one should benefit in adenoid related pain (and eventually cure it too).
  • Then we have ‘tonsils’, which are at the back of the throat. They are two in numbers, one on each side. They are also a part of the immune system, and form a line of defence against any microbe entering our lungs. Bad modern day lifestyle, rampant intake of toxins, is responsible for hurting them, and fighting these microbes, obviously they get red/sore.

Beware, of the rampant practice of Tonsil Removal (tonsillectomy). 

GOD has given these parts for some reason, and without at least trying, do not go in for their removal. Simply breathing through nose, and not through your mouth, will help you StayHealthyTill70.

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